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Honorary Chairman Message

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Good day! I have been a government official and also a professor in the Republic of Korea for a long time. As you know very well, we are currently going through a globalization period and continuous education era where education is open to anyone, anywhere.

National Borders in all countries are collapsing, uniting them as one. This kind of high technology development changed the educational paradigm.

Now, many people are leaving and studying in different countries like the United States to learn new knowledge and foreign languages. Global leadership experience and development is almost fundamental in life. In this situation, I am sure that PIC offers the best way to experience this.

Students can earn their degree in PIC with English and other native languages, through international faculty, including the United States and the Philippines, studying various academics and can eventually become global leaders.
As I end, I will leave PIC to the Best so that the students can move forward, soar high and can make their dreams come true.



Major Careers:

  • 17th Congressman in Korea
  • 14th placer in higher service exam
  • Personnel Director of Ministry in Government Administration and Home Affairs
  • Secretary of General Anti-Corruption Commission in South Korea Government
  • Served on numbers of universities, like USC and others
  • President of Korea Chae Clan Gathering
  • Korean-Japanese friendship association Inc. President
  • Secretary-General of Korea-China Friendship Association Incorporated
  • World Art Association Incorporated governor
  • Korea speech debate culture development president
  • GuangJu Development Institute President